Oh what a day!  After traveling for 15 hours we were beat and had to force ourselves to stay awake. We bought tickets for the water taxi and started our trip to the floating city. The backdrop was beautiful with the sun setting and the old Renaissance style buildings on the opposite side.

We found our hotel at the back of an alley.  The town of Venice is literally a maze, like the ones I used to do when I was younger.  You would turn down one alley and it would be a dead end, then the next would lead you to a residential area.  Near most of the piazzas (an open city square) were the food stands and bars where they had tables set up so you could enjoy the environment.

Our first stop was at Il Viziento where we had a beer and began our search for food. With plenty of options, we choose not to eat at places that had cheesy pictures of food. We ended up at a pizza place called Al Biri, which was a relief after experiencing airline food. I got the Trentina, which was red sauce, mozzarella, and finished with sliced speck. Scott had Prosciutto e funghi which looked equally as good.

We had a full day in Venice and we took advantage of it!  We saw the whole city and toured the museums and did other typical tourist stuff. The alleys were easier to navigate this time around and all the streets where clearly marked for where we wanted to go.

Breakfasts consisted of pastries and yogurt andlunch was a meat sandwich! And yes, it was awesome- five slices of sopressa in between two pieces of flat bread, then warmed. There were a lot of shops with pre-made meat paninni’s ready to sell as well. Dinner was tough and we couldn’t get into the Michelin rated restaurant that we wanted because it is reservations only. Instead, we found a hole in the wall restaurant that had great appetizers but mediocre entrees.

One of Venice’s beautiful canals

Octopus salad as an appetizer

Speck pizza