The day started out with a visit to the Ferrari museum just south of Modena. The cars were cool and the whole area is built around Ferrari, including museums, restaurants, and hotels. Here are just a couple of the cars.



After the museum, we ventured through dense fog and into the mountains. We passed through a half dozen villages before we stopped at one for lunch and a break from sitting in the car. One our way back, we saw numerous Parmesan facilities and we stopped at everyone. Unfortunately 12pm to 3pm is nap time in Italy so we were unable to see any cheese making today.

After we got out of the mountains, we found a bar and got ourselves some espresso before beginning our adventure to the lumbrusco facility. This winery makes numerous types of wine from sparkling lumbruscos to grappa, all of which were very good. Later in the tour we went to the attic in the family home and saw the beautiful casks of balsamic vinegar. Lucky for us we got to try a spoon full of 90 year aged and certified balsamic. It was the best vinegar I have ever tried; naturally thick and syrupy, sweet, and a of touch acid. We went into the next room where they had a 150 year balsamic and was started when the house was built. Unfortunately we did not get to try that one. Next stop is Parma, home of cured meat!

Nothing but rain the next few days and if you saw the news about the north west coast, then you would know that there is massive flooding so we decided against the Italian Riviera. We wandered and found a nice bar were we got a very nice cured meat and cheese platter.


We will set out to explore the rest of Parma tomorrow.