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The past two weeks in Central Oregon has finally warmed up, we have dealt with 34°F nights since the first day of summer. This meant running outside every night and covering all of the tender young vegetables to make sure that they would make it until warmer weather appeared. Since the previous post there has been quite a bit of growth and some surprising returns from last year.

Baby artichoke!!

One artichoke plant has growth but the other seems to be struggling, it is surrounded by the borage plants so some thinning may be required.

Borage flowers

Sweet like honey, these flowers make a great addition to light summer dishes. The leaves can also be blanched and used in soups. They will add a nice refreshing cucumber flavor.

Multi-colored carrots

The carrots arrived a little late so I may just end up with baby carrots, and there is nothing wrong with that!

The tomatoes have finally started growing and producing after the cold spring, I have all cherry tomatoes because the season is so short in Central Oregon.

Still to come:

Squash, potatoes, sunchokes, and lots of herbs

Summer Garden 2012

My garden as of 5/27/2012


We are still getting a lot of frosty days so I am watching the little plants carefully to make sure they don’t die.  Amongst all of the dirt are a variety of cherry tomato plants ranging from chocolate cherries to sungold cherries.  I have small patches of rosemary, oregano, lemon thyme, tarragon, and chives, which have been flowering for a few weeks now.  The two white-ish plants in front are violet artichokes, and in the back are some holes with a variety of potatoes.  The little tiny sprouts scattered all of the place are borage sprouts, They will need to be thinned once they get a little bigger.  Borage grows very quickly and bees love them for their little blue flowers that taste like a sweet cucumber.  You can also blanch the leaves of the borage plant and eat them, they taste like cucumbers.

Now we wait for sun….and summer!