fermented garlic

Black garlic success

After another forty day cycle of fermenting garlic I was very eager to see how it turned out. From my last posts you can see the different process’ that I used to achieve this wonderful product. Of my four test subjects I have two that I am very happy with, and they all gave me great info for starting the next batch. Below are the pictures of the final products.

From Left Clockwise: 30 days in the mason jar and 10 days drying, (2 cloves) 5 days in the mason jar and 5 days drying, 7 days in the mason jar and 3 days out drying, 8 days in the mason jar and 2 days drying.

The test on the far left was my favorite, followed by the one on the right.  After the 40 days they both ended up with very close drying times.  The sample on the bottom has a significantly shorter time to dry over the forty days, and the top sample dried to the point to where it is rock solid.  I plan on turning the hard sample into a powder to use in pasta dough, breads, and infusing oils.  Again you can see my previous posts, Round 1 and Round 2 on the whole process of making black garlic.