Brussels sprout

Roasted Brussels and Oregon mushrooms


Brussels sprouts have become my favorite vegetable in the past few years, and with the addition of local mushrooms and some cured meat, you can’t go wrong. This very simple salad or appetizer is quick to make and can also make a great side dish to beef and pork. This recipe is very general and it can be adjusted very easily to your liking.

Roasted Brussles and Oregon Mushrooms

12ea Brussles
1 Handful of your favorite mushrooms ( I used white chantarelle’s, yellow chantarelle’s, and lobster mushrooms)
~1C Creamy style dressing ( My favorite is a parsnip vinaigrette, below)
4ea Slices of Guanciale, prosciutto, duck prosciutto, lardo, or speck
AN Salt, Pepper, and olive oil

Parsnip Vinaigrette

1#2oz. Parsnip

1ea. Shallot

3/4C. White balsamic

3C. Water

2.5C. Blended oil


Parsnip Vinaigrette

  • Preheat your oven to 350° degrees.
  • Peel and cut the parsnip to smaller pieces, quarter the shallots, and combine these two in a mixing bowl. Toss the vegetables in oil and roast until the parsnip softens, about 15 minutes.
  • Cool the vegetables then place in a high speed blender with the white balsamic and water, puree until smooth.
  • Stream in the oil while the blender is running, stop the blender and check for seasoning. Set the dressing in the fridge until ready to use.

Brussels and Mushrooms

  • Cut your Brussels in half and if they are large, cut them into quarters. Clean the mushrooms and year them in half or quarters if they are large, sometimes lobster mushrooms can get very large, just cut them so they are roughly the same size as the rest of the fungi.

  • Preheat your oven to 475° degrees. Slice the cured meat and let it sit on the counter to warm slightly, until the brussels have been roasted.
  • Toss the Brussels and mushrooms with enough olive oil to coat and season with salt and pepper. Dump the Brussels onto a roasting pan and place them in the oven. Depending on the type of oven they can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 10 minutes.
  • Once the Brussels begin to soften and the mushrooms have some color, remove them from the oven and dump them back into the bowl.
  • Let them cool for a few minutes before tossing with the dressing to prevent it from breaking.
  • Once tossed, place the salad on a plate and place the cured meat on top.