Here is a list of measurements that are very commonly used, this guide should help you when increasing or reducing the size of a recipe.  All of the measurements below apply to liquids, it could apply to dry ingredients although it may vary slightly at the smaller portions, but as it gets larger it could affect the recipe.

US Measurements

Dash < 1/8t

3t = 1T

48t = 1C

1fl. oz. = 1/8C

2fl. oz. = 1/4C

4fl. oz. = 1/2C

6fl. oz. = 3/4C

8fl. oz. = 1C

16fl. oz = 1pt

32fl. oz. = 1qt

128fl. oz = 1Gal

4T = 1/4C

16T = 1C

2C = 1pt

4C = 1qt

16C = 1gal

2pt = 1qt

8pt = 1gal

4qt = 1gal

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