Artichoke Soup

Artichoke Soup with a turnip green pesto, truffle salt, and fried Brussels leaves.


I ordered some nice baby turnips that still had the tops intact which is a little hard to find, but when you have them, use them.  They add a nice bit of bitterness to a mix of sauteed greens.  In the pesto it helped balance the sweet artichokes.

One comment

  1. Artichoke is just about the most ancient green vegetables harvested for medical related variables. Throughout time it has been used as treatments for quite a few illnesses for example blood disorders, joint pain, kidney troubles, snakebites in addition to edema. During the olden days of Rome and Greek, the globe artichoke was used as an aphrodisiac regarding sexual well-being and consequently, occasionally set aside just for men to eat. During these times it was in addition thought to be a helpful benefit to the digestive system and it was only for the privileged elite..

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