Making Ravioli

I love filled/stuffed pastas; there is so much that you can do and they even better if you make the filling right.  Here I will show you the process that I go through to make jumbo ravioli’s.

What you need:

  • Filling
  • Pasta dough
  • Pasta roller, I use the kitchen aid attachment- best investment into a pasta roller I have ever made
  • Pastry brush
  • AP Flour
  • Egg wash
  • Circle cutter

First step is to cut off a piece of the pasta dough.  If you used a single batch from the recipe on the site then just cut the dough into quarters, cover the dough that you are not working with to prevent it from drying out.

Cutting the pasta dough.

Toss a small amount of flour onto your dough if it is too sticky, using your hand, press the dough flat.  Send the dough through on the largest setting (kitchen aid attachment will be #1) on about speed 3. After the dough has gone once through the machine, fold it into thirds. This ensures that the dough will be the same width as the roller.

First fold.
Second fold.
Second time through the roller, notice the pasta dough being the same width as the roller.

Do this one more time to ensure that you have a nice squared off piece of dough.  Next, step the roller width down by one notch, on the kitchen aid attachment #2, and send the dough through the roller.  Repeat this until you have hit the #5 width. Let the dough rest for a minute, and toss a little more flour onto the dough and send through #5 once more.  The resting of the dough will allow the gluten to rest so the dough won’t retract the last time you roll it.

Rolling the dough.

Lay that sheet of dough on your work space and proceed with the second piece in the same fashion. Once both pieces are rolled out, lightly egg wash one of them; too much and the pasta will just slide around instead of sticking when you try to seal it; the dough should feel tacky.

Apply light egg wash to one sheet of dough.

Place a large scoop of your filling in the center of the far end of the dough, and repeat down the line leaving about 3″ in between each scoop.

Scooped filling

Pick the second sheet of dough up and place one end on top of the other and press to hold it in place. Lay the dough on top of the filling, while pressing in between each set of filling.

Laying top sheet of dough
Press in between each scoop of filling.

Once at the far end, you can begin to press and seal around the filling, the purpose of doing this second is to be able to push out any air that will be under the dough. Once they are all sealed, you can cut with the cutter of your choice.

Cutting the ravioli’s

Pick up each individual ravioli and press the edge with your finger to ensure that the dough is sealed.

Sealing the Ravioli

These will freeze very well but depending on your filling it may separate when thawed.  If fresh, the ravioli should only take about 8-9 minutes to cook, frozen ravioli should take 16-18 minutes.

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