AKulinary Welcome

Welcome to my world.  This is my chance to make an impression and entice you to click the links to my food, recipes, and my life experiences.  I needed a purpose and some goals for my blog.  My purpose is to get all of this information out of my head and into your stomachs.

To me, recipes are guidelines; we should all understand them, but not live by them. They help spark my interests and ideas.  Following a recipe tends to slow me down; having to stop and re-check my work gets old, but I will admit that when I bake I do rely on recipes.  This blog is my little black book, my private journal from the kitchen that I want everyone to see.

My ultimate goal is to teach you the basics so you can explore the culinary world on your own.

I wake up in the middle of the night with ideas; I write them down and figure out how to put them into play at work and sometimes at home.  If I don’t record what’s going on, I will surely lose it and in turn, lose sleep.  I  admit that I didn’t come up with all of the techniques and that a lot of the things  I am doing have been done many times before, but I put my own unique stamp on the food that I make.

I have a passion to cook and create and I can’t get enough of this trade and what it has to offer me. I hope to be able to share it with everyone and to continue to learn about it. I have a large notebook full of personal recipes and recipes from my chefs that I have recorded since the start of my career. I want to share these on my blog and let people experiment with them as I do.

Your feedback, criticism, and any requests for recipes are appreciated, I enjoy the challenges and experiences that come with them.  It will not only to help me do better, but everyone that might read this also.  My name is Adam Kapela and I hope you enjoy what I do as much as I do.


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