The Summer of Wedding Cakes

It’s the beginning of December and I am now just getting to this summers wedding cakes.  It seems like every year there is a new challenge for me to take on and this year was the mass amounts of cakes and even more specific, how they were decorated.  When I started doing wedding cakes three years ago I kept them simple and with the intention of making sure I could balance my typical twelve-hour work day.  Since the first year I started the wedding cakes I was able to train my ambitious bakers to properly bake the multiple layers of cake, make fillings, and to begin assembly.  This was a huge weight off of my shoulders in the middle of wedding season and all of the summer activities at Black Butte Ranch.  I have noticed, since beginning my culinary career, that bakers are the first to be cut out of hotels and restaurants, and to me this is a real disappointment.  Sure, you can save on labor and you can turn your bakeshop into storage space for banquet equipment, but to me you are removing key components to a brigade.  A kitchen is not supported in whole by one department but by many departments, you need all of them to create a truly divine experience, and when you remove one link, one key component, you are slowly bringing down the brigade and the quality of what is offered, but I digress.  I will be taking time off from wedding cakes as my new job is not in that business, yet, so these will be the last for a while.

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