Life in the North East

Its been two weeks now since I left Oregon and officially moved into my apartment in Springfield, Mass. and I need to get back into the kitchen in the worst way.  I figured I would take the rest of September off to give myself some time to recuperate and learn everything I could about the food of the North East to prepare for my next job.  After writing a few sample menus and not having much luck with the job search I started to think about what I am really looking for.  At first it was to just get a job as a line cook or sous chef and spend more time on my business.  Then, it hit me, after two interviews I knew exactly what I wanted, I want to work in another establishment that has the desire to have the same high standards for food that I do. It is too hard for me to settle for something less than what I have already done. The city of Springfield is starting to grow on my as I explore more of the area.  While I continue my search for work I am going to start clearing out my cell phone photo album, why is this relevant?  Of the 150 pictures on my phone 90% are food pictures, specials that I ran during the summer but had very little time to share them with everyone, 2% are pictures of books that I want, and 8% of my lovely fiancee.  So, until I find a job I will be posting recipes for the specials that I made over the summer.



  1. Good Luck with everything Adam. I am sure your talents will be scooped up. As far as your food, AKA, Adam Kapela’s Awesomeness. Good luck !

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