Bite of Oregon Round 2

Round two ended with a little bit of a surprise, we were defeated by our opponent. It was a rough loss but we have learned a lot about competing and what we were able to accomplish in 30 minutes. The loss was humbling and a little frustrating, and when you need to know your judges more than the food, I was at a disadvantage.  Personal preference should not be an area that judges are allowed to judge.

Our secret ingredient for this round was beef shoulder clod.  The shoulder clod is found in the lower neck or upper shoulder area.  Best way to cook shoulder clod is by braising, we cut steaks out of it making sure to cut against the grain to ensure a tender steak.

The clod is something that I have not had the chance to work with but over the past few years I have been butchering down whole animals enough to be able to figure out how to cut a decent steak out of cheap cuts of meat.  Once cooked we sliced the steak to ensure the judges had a tender piece of beef each time, the one thing I feel I did wrong was to not set the sliced meat on a paper towel to allow the juices to be soaked up.  With limited time to rest the steak, the juices leached out onto the plate.

Secret Ingredient: Beef Shoulder Clod
Shoulder clod steak with gnocchi parisenne, Gruyere, pickled fennel and rhubarb, oyster mushrooms, and a red wine sabayon.



  1. Sorry you guys got chopper/ cut! I wish you both the best of luck back home. Maybe some time I’ll come visit you guys down there in Black Butte!

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