Bite of Oregon

BITE of Bend Winner Logo

After my recent win at the Bite of Bend in Bend, OR I was invited to attend and compete in the Bite of Oregon in Portland, OR. So this weekend I will make the trip to Portland, OR to compete against some very talented chefs.  The competition takes place on the waterfront in front of thousands of people to benefit Special Olympics of Oregon.

At the Bite of Bend this year our secret ingredients were items that most are familiar with, and they change every round.

Round 1:  Pork Cheeks

App: Pork cheek scallopini, grits, fried egg, lardons, and an arugula salad.

Entree:  Braised pork cheek with BBQ hazelnuts and creamed corn

Round 2:  Pork Tenderloin

App:  Pan roasted pork tenderloin with kale gnocchi (follow this recipe but sub kale for the spinach), tomato jam, and reggiano.

Entree:  Pork tenderloin saltimboca with cous cous style risotto and fennel pollen and black garlic gelato

Round 3 (Final): Whole Duck

App:  Pan seared duck breast with a corn and egg yolk ravioli, and kale pesto, using maqui camu almond butter from JEM Raw (a bonus secret ingredient that was announced about 1/3 of the way through), pesto

Entree:  Fried duck leg with a sweet potato cake, pickled bok choy, and a huckleberry and cherry agro dolce

The competition guidelines for the Bite of Oregon are slightly different than the previous competition in Bend.  For the Bite of Bend we were allowed to bring whatever equipment we wanted, we had 1 hour to produce and app and an entree, and we could bring ingredients to share (specialty spices and such).   For the Bite of Oregon we get to bring our knives and we have 30 minutes to create an entree, we need to have six plates of that entree for the judges.

My sous chef and I are looking forward to this weekend and I will post as much as I can about what we create.

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