Sous Vide Short Rib with Parsnip and Matsutake Mushrooms

Sous Vide short rib with parsnip puree, white soy and Meyer lemon marinated matsutake mushrooms, cress and a Meyer lemon gribiche.


In a previous post I went through the process of cooking short ribs slow and low for 72 hours.  Here is a finished product that we served as an appetizer and once seared on all four sides it is warm and tender in the middle and falls apart with a spoon!  To make the short ribs you can follow this link, the Meyer lemon gribiche is a great accompaniment to fish as well and you can see my recipe here, and for the white soy marinade on the matsutake mushrooms you can follow below.

The White soy marinade can be used in many applications, such as lobster, fish, and other vegetables.  It is a very standard vinaigrette that is very light but defined in terms of flavor.  It can also be used as a light dressing on a salad.

White Soy Vinaigrette/Marinade

1/2C  White Soy/Shoyu

1t  Mushroom Powder

2t  Palm Sugar

1/2C  Rice Vinegar

1ea  Meyer Lemon

1/4C  Canola oil

AN  Salt

  • Combine the first four ingredients and mix well with a whisk or fork, if the sugar is not dissolving place the bowl over some heat or in a microwave for a couple of seconds.  Do not heat too much.
  • Zest a Meyer lemon into the liquid followed by the juice.
  • Stream in the canola oil and season with salt

This marinade/dressing works well with fish, mushrooms, light pork dishes, and as a finishing sauce for a stir fry.

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