Huckleberry Confiture

With huckleberries in full season it is time to make some preserves! Huckleberries have such a nice tart and savory flavor to them that you do not want to hide it with too many ingredients. This recipe is a very simple and straight forward confiture(preserve) that uses palm sugar for its subtle sweetness and the hint of fruit that it lends.

Huckleberry Confiture

3C Fresh Huckleberries

1.5T Palm Sugar

1/2T White Sugar

1t Apple Pectin

12ea Stems of Lemon Thyme tied in a bundle

1T Sherry Vinegar

  • Tie your thyme in a bundle to make it easier to remove when the confiture is done.
  • Combine the huckleberries and the palm sugar, place over low heat and let simmer for 30 minutes.

  • Combine the white sugar with the pectin and mix well, the combination will allow the pectin to dissolve and not clump.
  • Add the sugar and pectin mix as well as the bundle of lemon thyme and simmer for another 30 minutes on very low heat.
  • Add sherry vinegar and simmer a few minutes more.

  • Check the consistency by spooning a small amount onto a frozen plate, if the confiture is not firm then continue to cook. Check consistency regularly until thick.
  • Refrigerate until cool before use or keep warm for ice cream.

The finished confiture will hold its shape and still be soft and spreadable, this recipe yields a tart jam and you can certainly add more sugar to your liking.  When used warm it creates a wonderful sauce on corn cakes.

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