Brown Butter Vinaigrette

Rich, creamy, nutty, and delicious are a few ways to describe this silky smooth dressing that melts in your mouth.

Brown Butter Vinaigrette

1#  Butter

1/2C  Sherry Vinegar

1/2C  Sliced Almonds

1T  Palm Sugar

2t  Mushroom Powder (acts as an emulsifier)

~2C  Water


  • Prepare an ice bath.
  • Start by putting the whole butter into a pot and place over medium heat.  Once melted, watch the butter carefully as it browns.  Have a pan ready to pour the butter into.

  • Once the butter has browned, pour into a new pan and place it into the ice bath.  Stir the butter as it cools for a couple of minutes, do not let it solidify.
  • Combine everything except the butter and water, into a blender and puree until smooth.  If you do not have mushroom powder than ginger powder or dry mustard will help keep this dressing emulsified.

  • Stream in half of the butter while the blender is on, followed by half the water.
  • Add the remaining butter while the blender is running, followed by the remaining water.
  • Check seasoning and enjoy!

This dressing will firm up in the fridge, all you should need to do is shake it up and it will be fluid.  This dressing is a great accompaniment to fish, pork, and chicken.  It would go great on a salad with almonds, and fresh fruit like peaches or apples.

One comment

  1. I’m always looking for recipes that are creamy and dairy free. This looks great! I will have to check around for mushroom powder….I’ve never used it before.

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