It has been some time since I have found anything unique that I feel belongs in this section, until a few weeks ago. I got a call from my farmer and she mentioned having green coriander. I have heard of it but never tried it or seen it in person, so I ordered a third of a pound. Green coriander is the seed pod/fruit that forms after the plant, known to North America as cilantro, flowers. Once it flowers it begins to bear the little green fruits, which later are dried and sold as coriander. Before they dry we pick them and use them as a whole seed, in soups, sauces, teas, etc. It is extremely versatile and it has a less harsh flavor than when it is dried and a touch fruitier. So if you can get your hands on some, do so immediately and enjoy!

I have used it whole in a few of my dishes:

Grilled asparagus with parsnip puree


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