Candied Pancetta and Dried White Figs


I love figs, and I love pancetta even more, so why not candy them together?  With the last batch of pancetta coming out of the aging box, I was ready to play and experiment!

Candied Pancetta and White Figs

8oz  Pancetta

8ea  Dried White Sierra Figs

1.5ea  Shallot

1T  Palm Sugar

1/4C  Sherry Wine

1/4C  Sherry Vinegar

  • Begin by small dicing the pancetta, and slicing the figs into disc.

Sliced dried white figs.

  • Place the pancetta in a pot over low heat and render.
  • Brunoise the shallot and once the pancetta begins to color, add it to the pan.
  • Once the shallot has started to brown and the pancetta is crispy turn the heat to low.

  • Add the figs and palm sugar, stir until the sugar has dissolved

Palm sugar, similar color to brown sugar but wetter and it has a slight fruit and molasses flavor.

Sugar has dissolved

  • Add the sherry wine and reduce by half
  • Add the sherry vinegar and cook until it is at the desired acidity.

This has become one of my favorite condiments that can be used in a lot of dishes from pork to duck.  Most recently I paired it with a foie gras torchon.


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