Pickled Jalapeños


I will admit that I get cravings for pickles and, a few years ago, I started craving more heat on my food.  The canned jalapeños at the store are mediocre at best and I knew there had to be a way to make them enjoyable.  While I was poaching pears for a dessert, I realized that I could use a similar technique to create my pickling liquid for the jalapeños.  For this recipe I will make a dark caramel to give me a slightly sweet flavor and a touch of bitter.  The darker the caramel the more bitter it will be, so if you want sweeter jalapeños, do not get your sugar too dark.

Pickled Jalapeños

 1.5C  Sugar

2C     Water

4C     Vinegar

1.5T   Garlic

1/4C  Mustard Seed

2t       Coriander

TT     Salt

10ea   Jalapeños (Sliced)

  • Slice the jalapeños into discs and place into a container to hold them, add the herbs to the jalapeños.

  • Start by placing your sugar in a heavy bottom pot, put the pot over medium heat and cook until he sugar begins to melt and turn to caramel, try not to stir too much or the sugar might crystalize.  Try to shake the pot rather than stirring the sugar to even out the cooking.

Dry sugar in a pot.

  • While the sugar begins to cook, combine the liquids in a separate bowl and set aside.

Sugar at caramel stage.

  • Once the sugar has caramelized, add the spices and stir.  Remove the pot from the heat and carefully add the liquids.  Return to the heat and simmer until all of the sugar has dissolved.
  • Pour the pickling liquid over the jalapeños and let stand until the steam settles.

  • Once it has cooled to room temperature, refrigerate for 48 hours.

These jalapeños can be used in a multitude of dishes.  My favorite is our buttermilk biscuits and gravy with chicken fried steak on our breakfast menu.  I have even caught myself snacking on them from time to time.



    1. They do not need to be canned, you only need to can them if you are going to be keeping them in your pantry for later use. We keep them in the pickling liquid, in our refrigerator, and they will hold for some time. I have not checked the acidity of this product so I do not know if it is canning ready.

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