7/25/2012 Produce from Tumalo Garden Market

The kitchen just received a fresh shipment of lettuce grown for The Lodge Restaurant at Black Butte Ranch. Picked this morning and ready for service, Michael Ludeman has graciously started growing many different types of lettuce for our use.  Today we have red romaine used specifically in our Oregon Caesar salad, red mustard frisee that is used in a multitude of dishes, fresh and beautifully vine ripened tomatoes, and lemon basil. These items can only be enjoyed at The Lodge Restaurant through this weekend, until the next cutting, the tomatoes will be featured as a special in a few days, they need a couple of days to soften up.

From left to right: Red mustard frisee, this lettuce has become my favorite replacement for arugula, nothing against arugula but the market is saturated with it. Red mustard gives you that nice peppery/mustard flavor and has a beautiful color. There are a few types available that range in spiciness and bitterness.
Tomatoes, greenhouse grown and never refrigerated, some of the best that I have ever had.
Red romaine, two types are shown here, great flavor and color, and more delicate than green romaine. We use this at the Lodge Restaurant in our Oregon Caesar salad.

Lemon basil. Strong floral lemon smell, mild lemon and slight basil and mint flavor when you eat it. This will go great with the tomatoes in the background.

Baby red romaine

Red Mustard Frisee

Again all of these products will be available this weekend and Tumalo Garden Market and myself, will try to keep them in stock until the end of the summer.

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