Harissa Pickles

Harissa is a Tunisian hot chili paste that is used in a lot of foods from stews to vegetable dishes. The one that I chose for this recipe has rose hips added to it which add a nice floral note and it helps enhance the pepper flavor quite a bit (Rose Harissa), this is not the exact product that I used but it is still a very good product.

I have enjoined pickles so much more since I have been making them from scratch, I have made fermented pickles and vinegar based pickles, both are very good when done properly. This recipe will demonstrate a vinegar type pickle and I am going to use English cucumbers. These cucumbers add a nice cooling effect to the hot chilies in the harissa, and with the addition of palm sugar, you get a nice fruity sweetness.

2ea English cucumbers


1/2C Harissa

2C Rice Vinegar

2T Palm Sugar

1C Water

Pinch Salt

  • Start by rinsing the cucumbers and removing both ends. Cut the cucumber in thirds so you have three cylinders.
  • Using a mandolin with the thin julienne attachment, carefully run the cucumbers through the blades, lengthwise, until you have thin, and long slices of cucumbers. Run the cucumber through until you get to the seeds and rotate the cucumber a quarter turn and repeat until you have sliced all four sides. You can also just slice the cucumbers thin, in discs, which will give you the seeds as well
  • Combine the remaining ingredients in a pot and bring to a simmer. Meanwhile place the cucumbers in a jar to fit them all and the liquid.

Julienne cucumbers and harisaa marinade.

  • Once the mixture has come to a simmer, pour it over the cucumbers and cover with plastic. refrigerate overnight.

Cucumbers pickling in warm marinade.

  • The pickles will be ready after 24 hours but will improve over the next few days.

I served these pickles with a warm charcuterie board that has homemade sausages and confit duck.

The acidity level was about 4.0, so these are ready for canning!

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