Creme Fraiche

Creme fraiche is an expensive cream similar to sour cream but a little richer. I have been eager to make creme fraiche since I have read about how easy it is to make. The problems I ran into had to do with keeping the milk mixture at a consistent temperature for twelve hours to allow the bacteria to form. After building the immersion circulator, I have had to start testing it by making yogurt and creme fraiche, due to the lack of a foodsaver/vacuum chambers to pack food in for Sous Vide cooking. Like yogurt, creme fraiche is very easy to make yourself and once you have the culture started (from your first batch of creme fraiche), it is very inexpensive to make.

Creme Fraiche

2C Heavy Cream (aka Heavy Whipping Cream)

1/4C Buttermilk

  • Combine both ingredients and mix.
  • Place the mixture in a quart sized mason jar and submerge in a water bath to the height of the milk in the jar. I used a pan in my water bath to get the jar where it needed to be.
  • Cook at 95°F for 8-12 hours.
  • The longer it cooks, the more sour it will taste.
  • After the time is up, place the jar in an ice bath to cool, then refrigerate.


  1. I kept the water bath at about 96-100 when I’m placing in the fridge mine doesn’t seem as thick. Does it thicken? How do u use it as a starter for next batch. Thank you.

    1. It shouldn’t be as thick as sour cream but what you are looking for is a yogurt consistency, this will happen after it has sat in the fridge for 12 hours. If it is still a little too thin you can pour it into cheesecloth that is about 6 layers thick, let this hang for four to five hours. When using it for your next batch you will follow the same process but instead of using a cultured sour cream you will use your creme fraiche. It is very similar to a sourdough starter, you can just keep “feeding” it to keep it alive. In this case the bacteria requires the milk and a little more heat to flourish and get the nutrients it needs from the milk.

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