Summer Garden 2012

My garden as of 5/27/2012


We are still getting a lot of frosty days so I am watching the little plants carefully to make sure they don’t die.  Amongst all of the dirt are a variety of cherry tomato plants ranging from chocolate cherries to sungold cherries.  I have small patches of rosemary, oregano, lemon thyme, tarragon, and chives, which have been flowering for a few weeks now.  The two white-ish plants in front are violet artichokes, and in the back are some holes with a variety of potatoes.  The little tiny sprouts scattered all of the place are borage sprouts, They will need to be thinned once they get a little bigger.  Borage grows very quickly and bees love them for their little blue flowers that taste like a sweet cucumber.  You can also blanch the leaves of the borage plant and eat them, they taste like cucumbers.

Now we wait for sun….and summer!

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