Winter Happy Hour Menu

With the horrible weather and slow months of the beginning of the year I have decided to start a happy hour menu that will fit these times.  It will be running until we can start getting fresh spring products.  We will still have daily happy hour specials.

Winter Happy Hour Menu


Pave Salad

Frisee, smoked cherry tomatoes, house ricotta, artichoke hearts, and garbanzos


Caramelized Scallop

Fingerling medallions, wilted arugula and mushrooms, squash veloute, and tomato vinaigrette


Beef Gyro

Pita bread, mint yogurt, spinach, cucumber, and cherry tomatoes


Pork Kabob

Smoked cipolinni onions, apples, blue butter, and crostini’s


Grilled artichoke hearts

Bacon vinaigrette and fresh parmesan


Chicory salad

Speck, shaved pear, and roasted parsnip vinaigrette


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