Black Garlic Round 2


I have about twelve days left on the black garlic and all of the cloves are looking very promising.  The third set is the only one that I am concerned about right now because the cloves are very dry but they do have that nice concentrated look to them. The fourth set has not been opened yet so they continue to look like the original batch of garlic that I made.  I am very excited for this batch to be done so I can start producing larger batches!


I should probably get serious every time I start these experiments, as I am not the type of person that likes to do things multiple times, but then again that doesn’t sound like much fun. So here goes the second round of black garlic, I am a week into it and have created many different conditions to hopefully yield a successful product in 40 days. With the first round of experimenting I found that I got the flavor and the aroma of black garlic, but not the distinct color that it is named for. That brings me to four different variables to allow the garlic to dry and concentrate in flavor.

The setup includes eight half pint mason jars with lids and my drying cabinet which you can see in the first round of experimenting. For the second round I have divided up the jars into four separate tests, with two bulbs of garlic in each one jar labeled A and the other B, which is how I will refer to them. All of the bulbs will be in the box for 40 days, but at certain times they will have their lids removed to allow the garlic to dry and concentrate in flavor. My drying times are as follows:

First set: 8 days with the lid and 2 days without, 8 days of drying total over the full 40.
Second set:  7 days with the lid and 3 without, 12 days of drying total.
Third set:  5 days with the lid and 5 without, 20 days of drying total.
Fourth set: 30 days with the lid and 10 days without.

All of the jars labeled A will be sprayed with water before their lid’s get put back on after each drying period, and jars B will not. The idea is to dry them but still keep the cloves moist. By adding a little water after drying I know that the cloves won’t dry hard. What I don’t know is if the garlic will have enough of its own moisture near the end of the test to not need any more added water, which is why I am trying the two variations.

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