French Onion Soup

Who doesn’t love a good bowl of French Onion soup? Maybe if you don’t like onions but that’s just absurd. A hot bowl of French Onion soup on a winter day is comfort food for me, I love the crusty yet soft bread and all the melted cheese everywhere, I can’t get enough of this dish!  One of the key ingredients to a good French Onion is the stock. In this recipe I use a remi (remoulage) which is referred to as the second wash of a veal stock. Remi is not usually found in stores so I have been able to find it online here. If you go the route of buying a reduced veal stock, I would recommend using half chicken stock and half veal stock for the recipe. Another route that I often go is by using 2/3 chicken stock and a 1/3 demi-glace if you have demi available.  Demi-glace will have a much richer and deeper flavor than a veal stock and you can buy it here.  The down side to a demi-glace is the price, so if you want to venture into your own veal stock then talk to your butcher about getting veal knuckles that have been cut into small pieces.

You will see Parmesan rind (the outer layer of cheese) in this recipe, it is not necessary but adds great flavor.  When I buy any sort of hard cheese I cut the rind off and freeze it to put into soups.

French Onion Soup

1.5oz Butter

2.5# Yellow Onions

2.5qt Remi

1/4# Parmesan rind

1/8C Sherry


TT  Sherry Vinegar

  • Peel and julienne the onions.
  • Melt butter then sweat onions over low heat stirring constantly until browned, you want to get them as dark as you can without them breaking down into a liquid.
  • Add remi and the Parmesan rind, simmer for 20 minutes.
  • Add sherry wine, and balance with S&P and more sherry vinegar.


I top the soup with Gruyere and some crostinis with herbs, then broil until the cheese has melted.

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