Black Garlic Gelee

There is a wonderful product that is a result of duck confit and we call it duck jelly in the culinary world, or at least I do.  After the duck has set in the fat overnight, you have two layers, the fat and the stock/jelly underneath the fat.  Remove the duck from the cold fat, and using your hand, remove as much fat as you can, without removing the jelly on the bottom.  You can save the fat for future confits; place the jelly into a pot and heat until melted and filter through a coffee filter to remove any small particles, this may take an hour or so depending on how many impurities are in the jelly.

The duck jelly should be stiff, if it is not, reduce it a little to make it a little more firm.

Black Garlic Duck Jelly

3C    Duck Jelly

2ea  Whole bulbs of black garlic

  • Reheat the jelly slowly and reduce if needed.
  • Peel all the cloves out of the garlic and place in a high speed blender, then add the jelly.
  • Puree on high speed until there are no lumps.
  • Pour the jelly into a container of your choosing depending on how you want to cut it.
  • Below I cut the jelly into strips so I poured a thin layer on a plate and cut it to the size I wanted.

I have used this gelee in a few dishes including this tomato pappardelle.

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