Truffle Bacon Salt

If you have access to Tapioca Maltodextrin there are a lot of cool things you can turn into powders. This product will only turn high fat items, such as bacon fat, duck fat, olive oil, and truffle oil into powders; the best thing is that those powders will turn back into a liquid as soon as it hits your tongue.

Truffle Bacon Salt

32g or 1.12oz Bacon Fat (warm)

6g or 0.21oz Truffle Oil

25g or 0.88oz Tapioca Maltodextrin

1.5g or ~2t Cornstarch (Prevents Clumping)

5g or .17oz Fine Sea Salt

  • Combine fats/oils and keep fluid.
  • Put tapioca maltodextrin into a food processor.
  • Turn food processor on medium speed and stream in fats.
  • This mix should remain in powder form, if not add a little more maltodextrin.
  • Stop the mixture then pulse in the cornstarch and salt.
  • Push this mixture through a tammy or a a mesh sieve to make the mixture lighter.

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