Mushroom Experiment

Day 1

I have always been fascinated with mushrooms and love to eat them. One day I went into my cooler and noticed a little fuzz on the base of our oyster mushrooms so I decided to put them in a slurry of wood chips and water. This experiment is to try and grow one of the easiest mushrooms to grow at my house.

Here is the start of the project. The day after the mushrooms were in the slurry we strained out the water and place the wood and mushroom stems into a bin to grow.

 Day 4

You can see the fungi starting to grow, you will notice the three colors of wood, the lighter layer on the bottom has too much water so we drained it one more time.

  • The fungi has started to grow quickly.
  • If there is too much water then the wood will start to rot and mold and the whole project would be ruined.

Up close picture of the fungi growing inbetween the wood chips.

 Day 7

  • After a week in there has been a lot of growth so we will move the fungi into a larger container to allow for even more growth.

This is the wood chip bed for the mushrooms to grow in. The dimension is about 8" by 12".

This round of experimenting is done, we did not boil the wood chips, which we should have to sanitize them, so there was some un-wanted mold growing. Round two will involve cardboard and coffee grounds.


  1. Oh my gosh! This is so cool that you are doing this! I love mushrooms, I would eat them with every meal if I could. I hope this works.

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