Pressure Cooked Chicken Stock

I recently purchased a 22 quart pressure cooker to play around with so I figured I would start with chicken stock.  Chicken stock is one of those things that every home cook should have in their freezer because of its versatility.  A normal chicken stock will take four hours to cook but if you have a pressure cooker you can make it in 45 minutes.  If you do not have a pressure cooker, keep the heat on medium-low until the stock begins to simmer, reduce heat to keep it at a low simmer for four hours.

Chicken Stock

6#       Chicken bones

1/2#    White Onion

1.5oz  Celery

1/4#    Carrot

1Gal    Water

1ea     Bouquet Garni

  • 2 sprigs  Thyme
  • 1 sprig    Sage
  • 4ea         Bay Leaves
  • 3 sprigs   Tarragon


  • Cut the bones into small pieces and rinse in cool water to remove any fat or excess blood.
  • Either tie the bouquet together, or place in a coffee filter or cheesecloth and tie it closed.
  • Cut all of your vegetables the same size and place everything in the pressure cooker pot.

  • Put the lid on and turn the heat on to medium.  The slower that the stock comes up to temperature, the cleaner and clearer it will look.
  • When the pressure gauge reads 15 PSI, lower the heat to low to maintain the pressure.

  • At this point, process the stock for 45 minutes.
  • After 45 minutes remove the stock from the stove and let the pressure drop on its own, this takes about 30 minutes.  If you open the release valve to early, you will be releasing all of the steam and flavor that is meant to stay in the pot and intensify the stock.

This batch yielded just under two gallons; once it is removed from the stock pot ensure that you place the stock in an ice bath in your sink.  This will speed up the cooling process and prevent any bacteria from forming.  Putting the hot stock straight into the refrigerator could cause the whole refrigerator to warm up and possibly spoil all of your other food.

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