Razor Clam Chowder

This is a “New England” style clam chowder but I have cut back the amount of cream a lot in comparison to other recipes.

Razor Clam Chowder

2#        Diced White Onions

1/3#     Diced Celery

2/3#     Bacon, cut into lardoons


2oz      Butter

2.6oz   AP Flour


1/4C    Sherry Wine

4C       Chicken Stock

1.25C  Cream


1#        Chopped razor clams

TT        Tabasco

TT        S&P

  • In a large soup pot place the bacon over low-medium heat.  Slowly cook the bacon until the fat has separated from the meat.
  • Add the vegetables and cook until transparent, about 8 minutes.
  • Add the butter and melt.  Then add the flour and mix to create a roux.  Cook the roux for 15 minutes over the low-medium heat, if it begins to change colors reduce the heat slightly.
  • Whisk in the Sherry wine and chicken stock to ensure that it doesn’t create lumps; then add cream and bring to a simmer, whisking periodically to prevent sticking.
  • Add chopped clams and simmer for another five minutes then season to your liking.

When I made this dish, I under seasoned it and topped it with a toasted pumpkin seed pesto that was slightly over seasoned.  When you mix it into the chowder it balances out very nicely.

Razor Clam Chowder

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