Siena (Tuscany)


We are staying in Greve for a few days so we made a side trip to Siena. Siena is another city full of history and has battled with Florence numerous times. The best part of Siena was the Duomo (Cathedral); it is just so massive and the amount of detail that went into building it is unreal. Its beautifully carved marble statues, massive paintings from the floor all the way up to the center of the ceiling, and intricate images set into the floor just blew me away.

On the drive back from Siena we stopped off in a little town called Panzano which is home to Dario the Butcher, whom you can Google and learn all about. Today his shop was closed so we will make the short trip again tomorrow to hopefully see it.

Duomo in Siena.

Front of the Duomo.

Library room in cathedral.

Tuscan estates and vineyards.

We returned to Greve in the evening to prepare for a wine tasting at Villa Vignamaggio. We also booked a tour about olive oil since the family that owns the hotel that we are staying at in Greve also produces it. Dinner tonight was at Ristorante Il Portico, the next door down from our hotel, and it was one of the better meals we’ve had on the trip so far. The service was great, as usual, the house wine was made by their family, and the olive oil was from a vineyard up the road. Here were a few of the highlights:


Grilled pear and pecorino bruschetta.

Porchetta with potatoes.

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