As we set out to explore the town of Parma we realized the rain wasn’t going to let up. We walked around for a few hours and as it rained harder we stopped into a cafe where we got some coffee and devised a plan for the rest of the day. This shop also had a wide selection of pastries that looked amazing.


After our cappuccino, we decide to head through the mountains towards Colonatta.  In the culinary world they are most known for lardo; however, the town is even more well known for its marble, which was used for the statue of David. This little town was covered in marble; from their stairs to their drive ways and their patios; you couldn’t go anywhere with our seeing it used. Even the main piazza where people park their cars was made of marble!

Marble sculptures with the white marble mountains in the background.

Left: salami from Parma. Right: Lardo from Colonatta.

We worked our way down the marble covered mountains and drove towards Lucca where we decided to stay the night and out of the rain.

After a drink at a local restaurant, we set out to find dinner.  After wandering for half an hour we decided to go back to where we had the drinks. The menu looked good so we were going to give it a try. By the time we got back the restaurant it was full and they were using post-it’s to make reservations, which meant a 45 minute wait for us, so we ventured out for another source of sustenance. We stumbled upon a quiet place in an alley and decided to eat there. The wine service was probably the best I have seen and the food was great. It was comfort food, nothing dazzling or over priced, but it was good.

Lucca was a great family oriented town and it almost felt like I was back home. I remembered walking down Pearl Street mall in Boulder, Colorado, with my family, looking at shops and restaurants. We didn’t spend much time in Lucca but it is a great city and I’m glad we made the stop.

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