My Home Base

Now that the summer is rapidly winding down and new menus are in place, I have a little more time to on my hands. Deep cleans are in session, I have a pile of new recipes sitting on my desk waiting to get posted into our kitchen cookbook, I have a huge trip coming up, and I have made time to start doing some more private dinners and classes around the Ranch.

Over the summer, I found that hot smoked cherry tomatoes were a huge hit on the menu and customers were very interested in buying some. Their flavor is unmatched, it tastes like a juicy strip of bacon, and if you didn’t know, bacon is one of my favorite foods. With that being said, we do cure and smoke our own bacon at The Lodge. Two different types that I have tried and succeeded with are a savory garlic bacon which we use a lot, and a maple bacon, which we don’t use as much because there would be too high demand at the breakfast table.

The garden at the Ranch is slowly being torn up and prepped for spring next year. We still have carrots and plenty of herbs left to use so look for these in the new dishes at The Lodge. The tomatoes were plentiful, the snow peas provided us with plenty of color for our vegetarian dishes, and the beautiful tendrils were used for garnish.

Can’t beat the view from our restaurant!


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