Mushroom Growing Round 2


Going to close down the mushroom growing until further notice, I have too many projects going at once and the fungi starts great but finishes with mold on top, which is bad.  I need to find a more sterile and controlled environment to attempt to grow them and I will let you all know when it gets started again.


This time I have taken the project a little more seriously and instead of just throwing mushroom stems into a bucket of wood chips, I have taken extra precautions to ensure that I am putting the stems in a sterilized environment.

The first technique that I used was to smash the fuzzy stems between pieces of corrugated cardboard. We put the cardboard into the steamer to sanitize it and in turn it also got it pretty damp.  We let it cool then pressed the stems in the middle.  After a week they have started to show some growth and it looks to be promising. The picture below is after two weeks of growth.

Our second attempt included exhausted, or used, coffee grounds.  This would be a great use for coffee grounds at home, as you can make a little bed to grow mushrooms in.  After brewing gallons of coffee a day, I decided to take a couple of batches of used coffee grounds and add our “sprouting” fungi to it.  After two days there has been a lot of growth.  The coffee grounds seem to be a good medium to grow mushrooms.20111221-085451.jpg

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